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NFT Play-to-earn

Holders Of Pikamoon NFTs Gain Special Access To Competitive ESports Arenas and Bespoke Experiences In The Dreva Metaverse.

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Vast Pikaverse

Dreva: An Expansive, Dynamic World Offering Rich Play-To-Earn Adventures And Player-Driven Creativity In The Heart Of The Metaverse.

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$PIKA Drives Pikamoon's Play-To-Earn Model, Offering Players A Tangible Way To Earn, Spend, And Invest Within The Game's Economy.

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Character’s NFTs

In Pikamoon, each NFT card embodies one of six elemental forces, offering unique abilities and strengths that shape your strategy and gameplay in the dynamic world.

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The core of Pikamoon, features six distinct regions, each shaped by a unique elemental force.

These diverse areas offer varied challenges and play-to-earn opportunities, creating a rich, dynamic environment for players to explore and influence.

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Explore the 6 Elemental Regions

The Six Elemental Forces, Offering Unique Abilities & Strengths That Shape Your Strategy & Gameplay

  • NFTs from the Earth region have evolved after millenniums of generations in the wild Jungles. Earth NFTs are extremely resilient to that of Electric as the current flows struggle to pass through the ground, that of which Earth NFTs are built upon.

  • As the blistering sun heats up the ground, some regions of the Pikaverse have become engulfed in fire and lava. Pikamoon NFTs native to this region have evolved to thrive within this environment and as such are extremely capable against that of the Earth region.

  • From the deepest parts of the ocean, to the great waterfall that towers the Pikaverse land. These sea-dwelling creatures are super effective against that of fire. Water cools the fire so much that it can’t burn anymore and smothers to stop the oxygen in the air from exploding.

  • The lost builders. Deep beneath the realm of Dreva, within an ancient network of tunnels, sits the First City… and the slumbering Rock Pikamoon. These beings, waking at last, once forged the realm of Dreva. Carving out landmasses & raising mountains, they were left to rest until needed once more. The world they built no longer exists, & has suffered greatly over centuries of war. If Dreva ever wants to claim a peaceful future, they will need the help of the Stone Duchy.

  • The specific details behind the evolution of Electric Pikamoon is shrouded in mystery. Was it due to a meteor strike, or perhaps an ancient war spanning decades? Regardless, Electric Pikamoon – found in the Electric region of the Pikaverse – are super effective against Water Pikamoon.

  • A faction hidden for the longest time, the Air Ascendancy were the only Pikamoon who went against the Divines. Once guardians of the Divine Realm, Air Pikamoon fled to start a life of their own as they grew tired with the scheming of the Gods. After using their great powers to raise a floating island & conceal it, they would only be rediscovered hundreds of years later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Pikamoon and how does it differ from other play-to-earn games?

Pikamoon differentiates itself in the play-to-earn arena as a community-driven project, challenging traditional gaming models. Our approach is about fairness and empowerment within web3, with a focus on player-centric development. Funded and shaped by our community, Pikamoon prioritizes the needs and interests of players, ensuring a high-quality gaming experience aligned with decentralization and empowerment.By joining Pikamoon, players are part of a revolutionary movement to make gaming more inclusive and rewarding.

When will the presale conclude, and what are the next steps?

The presale will conclude once the allocated 15 billion $PIKA tokens are sold out. We are currently in the final phase, and once this milestone is reached, Pikamoon will make its debut on a Tier 1 centralized exchange. This transition marks a significant step for Pikamoon, expanding our reach and providing liquidity for our investors. Participating in the presale not only offers the benefit of early investment but also signifies joining a community-driven project set to redefine the play-to-earn space.

How can I participate in the Pikamoon presale and what are the benefits of early investment?

Participating in the Pikamoon presale is straightforward. Interested investors can purchase $PIKA tokens through our presale dashboard on the pikamoon website. Early investment in the presale phase not only allows you to be part of Pikamoon's journey from its inception but also offers benefits like exclusive access to initial NFT drops and priority entry to future events and tournaments. As we approach the end of our final presale phase, this is a unique opportunity to be among the first to explore and shape the world of Pikamoon.

What are the functionalities and benefits of owning a Pikamoon NFT?

Owning a Pikamoon NFT is your key to unlocking the full potential of our metaverse. These NFTs serve as more than just digital collectibles; they are essential for participating in our play-to-earn model. Holders can access exclusive areas within Dreva, participate in eSports tournaments, and have unique gaming experiences. Additionally, NFT ownership may include future benefits such as special in-game items, access to exclusive events, and more as the Pikamoon universe continues to evolve.

When is the Pikamoon metaverse expected to launch, and what can players anticipate?

The Pikamoon Beta Battle System is currently available for download on our website, giving players a preview of our gaming innovation. Our open metaverse is in development, with plans to gradually unveil different world stages. In the Pikamoon metaverse, players can look forward to a rich, immersive experience with high-quality graphics, diverse environments, and interactive gameplay, offering a new realm of exploration and adventure in Dreva. As we move closer to the launch, we will be sharing more details and sneak peeks of what's to come in the world of Dreva.

How can I stay updated on Pikamoon’s latestnews and developments?

Staying informed about Pikamoon's progress and developments is easy. We encourage our community to follow us on our official social media channels, join our Discord or Telegram groups, and regularly check our website for updates. We frequently post news, updates, and announcements across these platforms to keep our community engaged and informed about every exciting step in our journey.

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