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Journey (The Story)

Pikamoon is a Revolutionary Leap in Play-to-Earn Gaming and Community-Driven Metaverse

It starts with. . .

The Genesis of Pikamoon:

Born out of a shared passion for gaming and a bold vision to revolutionize the web3 space, Pikamoon was conceived in November 2022 by three friends and avid gamers. Inspired by iconic games like Pokémon and driven by a desire to challenge industry giants, they set out to create a AAA-grade play-to-earn game unlike any other.

Pikamoon is not just a game; it's a rebellion against traditional gaming, offering a community-focused, decentralized alternative that empowers players.

Setting the Standard with AAA Quality:

Pikamoon stands apart in the web3 realm with its aspiration for AAA quality, setting a new benchmark for play-to-earn games. Our metaverse, Dreva, is a vast, immersive world where ecosystems from around the globe converge, allowing players to explore, battle, and earn rewards in groundbreaking ways.

November 09, 2023

A Community-Driven Journey:

Unique in its funding and governance, Pikamoon is entirely community-driven, with no external VC or institutional backing. This approach ensures that our early backers, who believe in our vision, are at the core of our decision-making process.

Our success is a testament to the power of community support and shared belief in a transformative gaming experience.

Redefining the Open Metaverse:

While existing metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland have laid the groundwork, Pikamoon aims higher with a AAA-grade standard

Our open metaverse is a space where diverse communities can gather, compete, and earn, setting new standards for engagement and immersion.

Milestones & Partnerships:

Our journey so far has been marked by significant achievements, including the release of our Beta Battle System for iOS and Android, and the success of our presale.

Our partnership with Orbit Cosmos, underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier gaming experiences.

Overcoming Challenges:

Starting without VC backing presented initial financial constraints, but our founders' investment and the community's financial overwhelming support enabled us to swiftly develop our Beta version.

This journey, though challenging, has been a testament to our resilience and dedication to our vision.

An Invitation to Join Our Odyssey:

“Pikamoon is more than a game; it's a movement. With over 15,000 investors and growing, our community is the heartbeat of this project. We extend an invitation to gamers, dreamers, and revolutionaries to join us in challenging the status quo of gaming. Together, let's make Pikamoon the epitome of play-to-earn gaming and a formidable force in the web3 world.”

  • Nixx - Co-Founder
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