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Stake $PIKA

Coming After $PIKA Launch

03 Months
06 Months
12 Months

Your Balance:

10,000,000 $PIKA

10 M20 M30 M40 M50 M

Your Staked Amount (%):

5,000,000 $PIKA




Total Rewards:

Disclaimer: These values do not represent the true value of the $PIKA APY, more information coming soon!

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Start Earning Rewards - $PIKA Staking Will Become Live After Launch

*Rewards are calculated based on your share of the $PIKA staking pool & the annual returns percentage.

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Pikamoon ($PIKA) Tokens

$PIKA is the native token of Pikamoon and the surrounding Pikaverse.

Alongside other special rewards, $PIKA can be earned through completing missions within the game.

Once acquired, $PIKA can be used to purchase special in-game items via the Pikamoon Store - be it magic boosts, health potions, weapons, and more. These upgrades will help bolster your Play-to-Earn journey throughout Dreva.

Get Started

The Pikamoon team is working tirelessly to democratise $PIKA to the masses. This entails forming collaborative partnerships and listing agreements with top-tier centralised and decentralised exchanges.

However before listings begin, you still have the opportunity to maximise your $PIKA portfolio via its third and final Presale phase.

Here, you can become early members of GameFi’s most promising Play-to-Earn community at a discounted rate…

All whilst investing in a token that’s backed by a wealth of GameFi utilities, as well as an ever-growing liquidity pool as more and more investors join the ecosystem.


Token HoldersDistributionTokensToken Price
Pre Sale - Round 110,00%$0.0002
Pre Sale - Round 210,00%$0.0004
Pre Sale - Round 310,00%$0.0006
Liquidity Pool7,50%3.750.000.000
Team / Advisors12,50%
Staking Rewards10,00%
Ecosystem Development Fund32,00%

Transaction Tax

Pikamoon imposes 0% tax on $PIKA purchases, however there is a small 2.5% transaction tax on sell orders and transfers.

$PIKA supports the overall development of all corners of the Pikaverse, therefore meaning that these structures serve as a tool for incentivising and rewarding those who hold the token.

    Tax Revenue Distribution

  • 1% - Marketing Endeavours
  • 1% - Ecosystem Development Fund/ Play-to-Earn Rewards
  • 0.5% - Burned (Forever!)

What’s happening in Pikaverse?

All the latest news and chatter from the ever-evolving Pikaverse